Diminishing Margins Highlight ReneSola’s Q4 Results

ReneSola has released its unaudited financial results for Q4. The prominent solar project developer had a revenue of $232.1 million, with net loss of $25.5 million. The gross margin was 2.1%, compared to 10.1% in Q3.

ReneSola shipped a total of 330.7 MW, and around 12.3 MW to its downstream projects. The external wafer shipments were 305.9 MW, compared to 290.5 MW in Q3 2016. The company added six utility-scale projects in the UK with total capacity of about 26 MW to its portfolio.

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Энергия и сила человеческой мысли

Наши мысли и эмоции есть не что иное, как тончайшая форма энергии, которую мы генерируем в окружающее пространство. Ненависть, любовь, зависть, благодарность – все это определенный уровень вибраций…

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меньше двух градусов

marocco-12-11-2016-045-cutВ выходные бурлящий котел климатической дискуссии выплеснулся с места проведения 22-й конференции сторон РКИК ООН на улицы Марракеша, где по инициативе марокканских и международных общественных организаций состоялись массовые акции.

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Energy alternatives and collective ownership

Energy Vulnerability and Urban Transitions

During late 2015 our research group hosted Sören Becker from the Leibniz Institute for the Research of Space and Society (IRS) in Erkner, Germany. He was appointed to a junior visiting fellowship at the Centre for Urban Resilience and Energy at the University of Manchester. In addition to meeting colleagues and engaging in scholarly exchange, he delivered a public seminar on critical perspectives towards resilience.


Sören’s research focusses on the emergence of new collective and public forms of ownership of energy utilities in German cities and beyond. His PhD project compares attempts of remunicipalisation – the re-installation of public ownership after privatisation – in the energy sectors of Berlin an Hamburg. In both cities, social movements have articulated stipulations for public ownership, combined with a reorientation of energy provision towards ecological sustainability and social justice. In each of the two, this has resulted in the formation of both a political initiative pushing for a referendum on the…

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О ВОЗРОЖДЕНИИ ЕСТЕСТВОЗНАНИЯ – Международный журнал прикладных и фундаментальных исследований

Источник: О ВОЗРОЖДЕНИИ ЕСТЕСТВОЗНАНИЯ – Международный журнал прикладных и фундаментальных исследований…

Источник: О ВОЗРОЖДЕНИИ ЕСТЕСТВОЗНАНИЯ – Международный журнал прикладных и фундаментальных исследований